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Fire Fighters
Description Fire fighters will work in 3 shifts, 8 hours each shift , 3 years contract. Salary 1500 - 2000 QRS as per experience. Job Duties and Scope: Responds to a wide variety of emergency alarms, gas leaks, medical emergencies and hazardous material spills. sets ladders and Fights fires under section procedures; connects and lays hose lines, operates firefighting facilities/equipment. Performs salvage, clean up and overhaul operations during and after fires to remove hazards and protect property. Provides first responder medical emergency response at the basic life support level, including initial patient and situation assessment. Participates in specialized rescue operations, including aerial and underground situations involving the use of rigging and shoring; operates specialized hand and power tools and equipment to rescue traffic accident victims. . Participates in drills, demonstrations and induction of firefighting techniques, equipment and apparatus operation, medical aid, heavy rescue, hazardous materials, fire prevention, Participates in various support assignments, including but not limited to the maintenance of inventory records, scheduled inspections, hydrant inspections and maintenance and fire alarm and firefight systems testing and simulation. Perform Emergency Exits Doors Inspection and prepare initial reports and necessary follow up. Do Passenger Lifts Inspection and provide initial reports and do corrective action follow up. Fire Fight/Alarm Systems Inspection. Participate in pre-Drills Inspections and orientation and follow up corrective action. Do the required emergency rapid intervention e.g. put fire, spill, rescue etc. Patrolling QU Premises (Indoor/Outdoor) as per assigned schedule and provide initial reports and do corrective action follow up. Do other on demand reports and site visits as required by safety section or lead firefighters
Desired Profile Qualification & Experience: Minimum High school, diploma or equivalent from accredited institute Must have completed basic course on elementary Fire Fighting from a recognized Institute Minimum of 4 years' experience in firefighting at least 1 years serving in a fire department institution or its equivalent. Accredited training in Firefighting, First Aid, Rescue and Evacuation. Knowledge of Basic principles, of fire suppression/clean agents systems. Must have valid Driving License. Skills Requirement: Very good physical and mental fitness level allows actively participate in emergency response activities and live fire drills. Well-trained and good knowledge of using firefights PPEs and rescue equipment. . Effective communication skills; The ability to operate and use of Basic mandatory firefight tools and equipment. Computer MS Office software user's knowledge and experience.
Minimum Experience 1 Years
Maximum Experience 3 Years
Location Qatar
Contact Person H.R.Manager, Regal Tours and Travels
E-Mail Address
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Job ID : 1695617368 | Posted on : 24/09/2023
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